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  • Eggs en Cocotte Hot Smoke Salmon or Trout Recipe

    Eggs en Cocotte Hot Smoke Salmon or Trout Recipe

  • Terms & Conditions

    Ullapool Smokehouse Terms and |Conditions


    Delivery is included to main land UK in all our mail order packages. We cannot ship outside the EU and orders to the continent would need to be arranged with the smokehouse with carriage costs being arranged separately. In this event please contact us on 01854 613 881.

    When ordering through our website it is vital that a postcode is included to assure smooth delivery.

    Parcels should be delivered between 9am and 6pm. If you think you will be out please leave special instruction when ordering, or consider using a work address.


    If for any reason one of our products is unavailable, we will contact you regarding possible replacements of equal or greater value.

    Order conformations

    If you order through the website and fail to receive a conformation email, please get in touch with us to confirm order. 01854 613 881 service@ullapoolsmokehouse.com.

    Orders out with our mail order packages

    In the event that you would like to order different amounts or products out with our mail order options, then please contact us to discuss price and carriage (if under a certain value)