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  • Eggs en Cocotte Hot Smoke Salmon or Trout Recipe

    Eggs en Cocotte Hot Smoke Salmon or Trout Recipe

  • About Us

    Ullapool Smokehouse is a small, traditional smoking business, based in the fishing village of Ullapool, in the far North West of the Scottish Highlands. Our aim is to produce the very best quality, traditionally smoked,  salmon.  We use our knowledge and enthusiasm to produce smoked fish that tastes like the artisan product it should, rather than the commodity that it has become.  Together we do all the work - from smoking to slicing, packing, selling and dispatching.  We specialise in mail-order but also sell to a select number of quality hotels, restaurants and Fish buyers.

    ‘Nothing Forced, Nothing compromised, nothing rushed’

    Simple: just Sea, Salmon, Salt and smoke. With the addition of our special ingredients whisky in our cold smoked salmon and Heather honey to our hot roast salmon and Trout. Giving both of these products the distinctive Scottish flavour synonymous with quality.

    We source our salmon from Wester Ross Fisheries which is the oldest and the only independent salmon farm in UK. WRF has been hand-rearing Scottish Salmon for the past 40 years in the beautiful area of Ullapool. All of their salmon are certified RSPCA freedom foods standard. www.scottishsalmon.co.uk/freedom-food/

    Respecting the environment is the backbone of their business and deeply embedded in their daily practice on the farms and beyond; always striving for the best practice in staff development, husbandry, methodology and environmental protection. The fish are kept at low stocking densities and hand fed ensuring the Salmon get plenty of exercise and producing a quality ‘free range’ product which results in a less fatty and tastier result.

    Their sashimi grade All Natural Wester Ross Salmon have proved to be a huge success at home but especially abroad. www.wrs.co.uk/

    Ian Boyd.